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Our Services

We offer wide range of service but not limited to, if the service you are looking for is not listed below then     we request you to call us on – (020)8980 2806 to enquire.

                       Dry Cleaning
            Shirt and Laundry Cleaning
                     Repairs and Alterations
                    Bridal and Evening Attire

Dry Cleaning Service

We aim to provide you with best quality service. Every item is carefully inspected dry cleaned, pressed and hand packed

Shirt and Laundry Cleaning Service

We use high quality washing detergents and softeners for laundry. Before washing all the shirts are initially treated for stains, and undergo cuff scrub and collar. After the washing process shirts are dried and pressed using the modern machinery and packed according to customers’ requests.

Bridal and Evening Attire

Our experts read the manufactures instructions first before carry out the service as every fabric needs are different and use their expertise to restore the dresses to its original form.

Repairs and Alterations 

·              Shortening and lengthening

·                    Tapering

·              Waist take-in/let out

·                     New Zips

·               New pockets

·                     Relining

·              Reseats

·                     Cuffs/collars renewed

·              Button holes

·                     Shoulder pads renewed

·              Badges Sewn

·                     Suede / Leather repairs

·              Curtains relined

·                     Curtains: shortened, lengthened

·              School uniforms altered


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